Welcome to the Angular Academy Tutorials Page. In here, you will learn all things Angular, using a structured, lecture-by-lecture approach.

  1. Introduction to Angular 2
  2. Angular 2 Overview
  3. Using Web-based Angular 2 Editor
  4. Installing NodeJS and NPM (Node Package Manager)
  5. Angular 2 “Quickstart” Project
  6. Using Angular-CLI and Installation
  7. Choosing Your Preferred IDE
  8. Angular 2 Workspace Setup
  9. Angular 2 Core Components
  10. Understanding Templates
  11. ngModule
  12. Creating and Using Components
  13. Creating and Using Directives
  14. Creating and Using Services
  15. Creating and Using Routes
  16. Creating and Using Pipes
  17. Built-in Directives: *ngFor
  18. Built-in Directives: *ngIf
  19. Built-in Directives: *ngSwitch
  20. Built-in Directives: *ngStyle
  21. Built-in Directives: *ngClass
  22. Typescript Class
  23. Typescript Interface
  24. Typescript Enum
  25. Intro to BootStrap 4 and Integrating Bootstrap 4 in Angular-CLI
  26. Bootstrap 4 Navbar
  27. Adding a Dashboard
  28. Customizing Dashboard using Bootstrap Jumbotron
  29. Postman API Tool
  30. JSON Server
  31. Preparing a Custom JSON Server API Data
  32. CRUD App Overview
  33. Using Observable Library to Fetch Data from a Web Service
  34. READ Data Using *ngFor
  35. READ Data in a Table
  36. CREATE Data Using POST
  37. Adding an UPDATE Function
  38. Adding a DELETE Functionality
  39. Adding a Simple Loader
  40. Making Your CRUD Table Auto Refresh
  41. Adding a Simple Modal
  42. Form and Field Validation
  43. Creating a Form Using *ngForm
  44. Form Customization
  45. Angular CSS classes
  46. Template Reference Variable
  47. Custom Form Validation
  48. Angular CSS Demo
  49. Unit Testing
  50. End-to-end Testing (E2E)
  51. Production and Deployment Ready Application
  52. Angular 2 on Python Server
  53. Angular 2 Migration
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