Though we have to say goodbye to a great year for JavaScript that was 2016; 2017 is appearing to be better with the many changes it has in tow.

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First in the line-up is Vue. Its creator, Evan You, began working full-time on said the framework in 2016 and had released its version 2.0 last September. Most would agree that its success was due to its user-friendly capability in comparison to most JavaScript frameworks out in the market. For this year, You envisions that Vue will improve its momentum as well as improve the developer experience even more and the native rendering solution. Currently, Vue serves as the JavaScript runtime for Alibaba’s weex mobile cross-platform framework.

Second in the line-up is Angular. Though still a diamond in the rough during 2016, each update for this Google-based JavaScript seemed to make it even better, even seeing an Angular 2 in September. Now with the Angular 2.4 coming on March 2017, it will not just make groundbreaking changes that will hopefully improve user-experience but will also backtrack on previous patches. Expect a maturing Angular this 2017.

Finally, we have React. This browser-based JavaScript framework laid pretty low during 2016 and only saw one major upgrade, Version 15.0, last April. Though there were also minor updates, none of them really stood out much. However, this 2017, you can expect React Fiber which was tagged as the “complete rewrite of React”. According to Dan Abramov, this is the “ongoing reimplementation of React’s core algorithm” yet “there’s still quite a bit of work to do”. Here’s to hoping for a version 16.0 or 17.0 for React in the horizon.

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