As of December 15, 2016, Angular 4 Beta 0 is out. Yes, Angular F-O-U-R.
Check it out from here.


Still, questions are being asked already. Questions like:

What happened to Angular 3?

Since Angular Router version is already using the 3.x space, the rest of Angular is not in sync because they are still running at 2.x.

That being said, it is recommended to skip the v3 and use the v4.

Will Angular 4 blow our minds again like its predecessor? 

That is not the case. Angular 4 will be released sometime in March 2017. It’s first beta will be shipped this December following the release. They intend to publish new major versions twice a year.


Newer versions will mark APIs from the most recent major update as depreciated however it will not feel discontinued. For example:
● Angular 4 may depreciate APIs from Angular 2.
● Angular 5 might depreciate APIs from Angular 4, but there is a chance of breaking APIs from Angular 2.

So be ready for few depreciation as worst case scenario (nothing to worry as of now). Just a reminder from the team because they said that Angular 4 is a backward compatible upgrade from Angular 2. Still, API change or breakage is promised.

What do I call Angular 2 and Angular 4? 

Calling it Angular is just fine. According the the team, It’s name should be ready for the future.
Remember, Angular 4 is designed to upgrade backwards thus, solutions for issues or troubleshooting might be answered by looking back into Angular 2. And it should work fine with their Angular 4 apps.

What happens now to Angular 1? It keeps showing up on my search.

To narrow your search, add “-angularJS” or “NOT angularJS” to your search bar (remove the quotes on both occasion).

Announcement Date?

An Angular conference in Belgium was held last week. At the same time, the team announced the release of Angular 4. Although they didn’t say anything when asked for more videos, some will be available soon.

Note that an official meeting of the Angular team was set on Dec 4. Below is the agenda:


In summary, the release of Angular 4 is not like the transition from Angular 1 to Angular 2. Much of the Angular 2 concepts will still be used once Angular 4 is released.

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