Quickstart Project is similar to what you will see in www.angular.io website. It’s not made to produce full running applications but it is recommended on testing out new prototypes of your Angular 2 apps.


(Note that your Node and NPM versions should be 4.x.x and 3.x.x and above to run quickstart)

The next thing that you should do is create your files for your app. To do that, open your terminal (or cmd for Window users) and type “git clone <github url> <your Angular2 project name>” as seen below:


After you’ve downloaded the files, install the files on your local machine:


Once it is done, clear your terminal and start the application by typing “npm start”. By default, it should look like:


Notice that your application is running on port localhost:3000. Now going back to your terminal, you can see an external UI running at port localhost:3001.


In your browser, simply change the port location and it’s done!


On the next article, we will be discussing Angular-CLI and Installation.

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