Let’s start off with the basic development of an app. Here, we’re going to use the site http://www.plnkr.co, an easy to use web based editor:


This is the editor. It’s divided into 3 parts. Starting from the right is the file directory tab. Next the editing space, and the package tab.


You can explore the parts in the file directory or play with the editor. But for now, let’s do a simple project.

To create a new Angular 2 template, click New>Angular>2.0(TS) because for now let’s use TypeScript.


This Angular 2 Template is ready to be run. Just simply edit the constructor named “this.name” from src/app.ts and set it to your preference. Click “Run” and it’s done! Your very first Angular 2 application.


Save your work and change the name to your preference. And if you want to share your work, just simply copy the URL and send it to your friends. You can also send it via email. There’s an email icon on the top right area of the site.

On the next article, we will be discussing how to install NodeJS and NPM (Node Package Manager).

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