Have you tried creating a simple Angular 2 hello world application but you don’t have any knowledge yet on Node, NPM and any other javascript stack? If you are having a hard time starting one, then here’s a simple tutorial for you which doesn’t require any Node or NPM installation on your local computer.

We will use Plunker. It is an online community for creating, collaborating on and sharing web development ideas.

#1. First, go to www.plnkr.co website:

#2. Click the Launch the Editor button

#3. On the Plunker Editor, click the New drop-down list box and then navigate to Angular > 2.0.x

You can choose either EcmaScript 5 (ES5), EcmaScript 6 (ES6) or TypeScript (TS).  In this lesson, let’s use TypeScript and after you have chosen it, you will see the loaded Angular 2 template project which is ready to be run. Also notice the Angular 2 source files in the left-hand side of the editor.

#4. Modify the Angular 2 template by going to app.ts file.

     4.a. On the Files section on the left, click src/app.ts to see the screen below:

    4.b. On the constructor, change the name from Angular2 to World, or to any string you like.

    4.c. The final code will be like this:

#5. Hit the Run button to see your first ever Angular 2 application in action!

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